As architects,
There is art in what we do.
There is art in how we do it.
And if we do it right,
there is art in the experiencing of
what we build.

Function is intrinsic to what we build; acknowledging function is what generates the art of Architecture.

For a building to be successful,
it must first function well;
It must fit its owners, its site, and its climate;
It must give delight to the hand and the eye;
It must continually reward, support, and satisfy.

Because a building provides for the daily functions, rituals and growth of the individual, it is experienced on many levels, from the silhouette on the horizon, to the hand on the doorknob of its inner most chamber. Beyond form, space and light, the hand and eye eventually alight on things within immediate reach. Details that surprise and delight, and perhaps challenge the mind as well, must be present for a truly enriching experience.

We believe It is necessary to understand how a building is built.  This understanding cannot be divorced from the process of designing — they flow from one another and are mutually enriched by each other.  With our many years working as a builder, we bring hands-on experience to the understanding of the building process, and the importance of the input of the builder and artisans to the team process of building. The resulting efficiency makes for a better project, done within time and budgetary expectations.

We strive to bring this and much more to the project: a world of possibilities that exceeds  the client’s expectations.