Compared to the seriousness of Modernism, San Franciscan Victorian Architecture is a celebration, a Beaux-Arts Ball, a Mardi Gras.

Restoring these buildings requires a good deal of forensic research to determine what is missing, as well as elaborate and detailed drawings, often full size, to be able to construct and install the complex assemblies. We often have been able to streamline the construction phase and improve quality by assembling large portions of the work in the shop and then taking them out to the jobsite to be installed.

Since we began restoring these Victorians in the 1970’s, we have become familiar with a variety of other period styles, both classical and contemporary, most notably Arts and Crafts. The firm’s experience with traditional woodworking techniques is a real advantage here, since this is often an important aspect of many styles. It also gives us the opportunity to fabricate some of the work that is to be installed on the project. In some cases, we are one of the few artisans capable of doing the work since it may require carving, turning, curved work, intricate joinery, elaborate veneering or all of the above.