SCOTT WYNN Architect

I am the fourth generation of a family of builders, engineers, and cabinet makers; I grew up in and around building sites and workshops. I received extensive training in drawing and painting beginning in grade school continuing into college. In college I  studied ceramics, printmaking and furniture-making, in addition to my major of architecture. My degree thesis was the self-sufficient house, made from modular parts, that relied on its siting, form and architectural elements rather than energy consuming systems for its heating and cooling.

I began working on construction sites in high school and continued training as carpenter and builder after graduating college,  having become convinced that architects needed to have a greater understanding of the building process than they could get from just drawing.  As a result, I have a broad base of hands-on experience in building, both as carpenter and trim carpenter, and as cabinetmaker, building Contractor, and architectural designer.

In addition to my construction and woodworking experience, I have made and sold guitars and musical instruments, have worked as a professional potter, and have extensive woodcarving experience. I have as well studied Tai Chi since 1988.

I have maintained a shop providing furniture, cabinetry, and millwork since 1976, and have been the designer as well as builder on a number of architectural projects. I have exhibited furniture in numerous shows and galleries, have written and illustrated a 315 page textbook The Woodworker’s Guide to Handplanes   (also recently translated into German) as well as having written articles for Fine Homebuilding, Fine Woodworking, and Woodwork magazines; and have been featured in Nanawall’s catalog, Metropolitan Home, Sunset Magazine, Home Magazine’s Best Kitchen Ideas, Northern California Home and Garden, and Old House Interiors.